Thanks to YOUR feedback, we’re thrilled to announce that in the coming weeks, your eEdge myMarketing system will be undergoing an exciting upgrade.
Get ready for greater power and performance! Your new myMarketing system will make it faster and easier than ever to send the right message at the right time to the right person. In order for you to fully experience its many breakthrough features, please prepare now by noting the following dates and taking these important actions:
Do you have any active campaigns?
With the new system, you’ll enjoy some exciting changes to the way you access, build and manage your campaigns. You should be aware of the steps we’re taking to support those changes:
We will be migrating your existing campaigns to the new system July 21-23.
Interval campaigns (campaigns with an assigned number of days between steps) will be paused July 21, 22 and 23 but will resume on their regular schedule on July 24 without skipping any steps. No action is required for interval campaigns.
YOUR ACTION REQUIRED – If you have any date-based campaigns (campaigns with specific dates assigned to each step) that includes a step scheduled to go out on July 21, 22 or 23, you must change that send date to July 24 or later or that step will be skipped. Click here for a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.
Are you planning on ordering print materials?
To make way for the new myMarketing system, you will be unable to complete any print orders between July 18 and July 23. To ensure that you have the printed materials you need, please submit your print orders by July 17.
We understand and apologize for any inconvenience and additional work this may cause. Please take advantage of a 30 percent discount off your next print order. Simply enter promo code 30JULY at check-out to receive your discount. Offer expires July 17.*
Have you uploaded or purchased any mailing lists?
If you wish to reuse uploaded or purchased mailing lists, you must save them, upload the records as contacts and add them to a group by July 22. Click here for a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.
The purchase mailing list feature was recently disabled while we work with our mailing list vendor to integrate this functionality with the new myMarketing. We regret that purchasing and uploading mailing lists will not be available at launch.
YOUR ACTION REQUIRED – You must save your purchased or uploaded mailing lists by July 22.
We are confident that you will find the new myMarketing well worth the effort and truly appreciate your time in completing these tasks. We are thrilled to unveil the new myMarketing very soon and know you will notice the difference it will bring to your business. As always, we’re here to support you in any way we can.
Yours in innovation,
Your KWRI Technology Team!



NEW email in eEdge!! Check it out!!

New in eEdge

Last week, new features were rolled out in your eEdge email to help you engage leads and have more insight into email activity. Look for these updates in your “Email and Reminders” tab, formerly called “Inbox”. You’ll find:

  • The ability to send an email from anywhere in eEdge
  • Add multiple recipient to an email
  • WYSIWYG editor features—no more “previewing” to see how your email will look!
  • Ability to include up to three showcase properties in your email
  • View all sent emails in one location
  • Track open and click rates

Learn more about these exciting new features.  

What is splurge worthy? Here are a few that are…..

I was ready an article today and thought is was worth a share..

The truth is that very rarely is something legitimately splurge-worthy. But when those occasions present themselves, you should be able to splurge your heart out without feeling a drop of guilt. So without further bad “Star Wars” figurine hypothetical s, here are five splurge-worthy moments to anticipate:

Purchasing it will help make you money. If you have a solid framework for making money from an item, by all means, buy it. Case in point: When my husband, Johnny, was doing freelance graphic-design work right out of college, he needed a new computer to keep up with the kind of work expected of him. So we splurged on a new computer, which was also an investment in his career. If you have a side business that requires nicer equipment in order to take your income to the next level, buying that equipment could be well worth the temporary extra expense.

When your FSA deadline is just around the corner. American workers lost millions of dollars last week thanks to use-it-or-lose-it flexible spending accounts. While the tax advantage that comes with an FSA is pretty sweet, if you don’t use that money by the end of the year, it dies and goes to money heaven. (Actually, it’s worse than that: It goes back to your employer!) So you best use that money while you can. You might not normally consider spending a lot on a blood-pressure monitor or an electric nursing pump. But using your FSA account, you could buy the item and resell it online. Or you could become the owner of a really nice blood-pressure monitor that’s the envy of all the neighbors. Either way, it’s better than letting the money go to waste. You may even still have time to spend that cash: Some companies give employees a two-and-a-half-month grace period after the year ends to use up their FSA dollars. You may just have some time left to splurge!

(Next year, though, it may not be so bad. The Treasury this fall changed the rules on FSAs: Companies are now allowed to let you carry $500 over into the next year — but it’s up to your employer to make that benefit available to you.)

Buying an everyday item in bulk for cheapOptimizing on a deal is totally worth it if it’s a non-perishable item that you’ll be buying in the future anyway. Some of these items include diapers, wipes, soap (can you tell there’s a dirty little toddler running amok in our house?), shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, canned food essentials, etc. You get the idea. For some reason, many people (including me) have a really hard time laying down a bunch of dough all at once. They’d rather spend $30 each month rather than $200 in one transaction for the entire year because it feels like less of a blow. But in this case, splurging is the smarter move.

Buying quality is a better investment. When faced with buying two similar items, the more wallet-friendly option may seem like the right choice at first glance. And many times it is. But sometimes the more expensive item is cheaper in the long run because it’ll last longer. At the beginning of our marriage, Johnny and I learned the hard way that a $30 particle-board table has a short lifespan. So rather than buy a $30 table every couple of years, we splurged on a solid wood table that will last forever, with the occasional fresh coat of paint. Other times to consider quality are when you’re buying cars, electronics, and appliances. So the next time you scoff at a $20 light bulb that lasts several years, you might want to think twice.

Budgeting for the item in advance. An around-the-world cruise might look like a splurge to some. But if you’ve saved up each month for three years, it’s in your budget, and you can make it work, that’s well within the realm of a healthy splurge. Any item can go from not-splurge-worthy to definitely-splurge-worthy if it’s been calculated and planned out within a balanced budget — no matter how seemingly unnecessary the item. We work hard, and we all deserve a good, planned splurge every once in a while. Yes, even your Star Wars-obsessed coworker who’s now the proud owner of another plastic doll.

Joanna and Johnny are the writing duo behind, a personal finance blog documenting the joys, pains and realities of living on a budget.