Quick Tips to get your house ready to Sell in today’s Market

In todays market sellers are at an advantage as there are more buyers out there than there are listings. But today’s buyer is looking for more that just a good deal on a home.
If you are listing here are a few things you are going to want to do if you want your house to sell quickly and for top dollar.
clutterFirst, declutter, anything and everything you can store away will help. You also want to make sure any personal items are packed away. You don’t want them focusing on it being “Your House”, you want them picturing themselves living there. This also goes to the outside of the home. Make sure all the plants and trees are trimmed and away from the home. any yard items are cleaned and looking nice. Sheds are picked up and looking organized.
Second clean, clean, clean, clean. If you need to, don’t hesitate to hire a company to come out and deep clean your house. The cleaner the house the more likely the buyer is to look past dated material or even things that need some fixing. Outside the home, wash the gutters, porch, decks and siding. Add some color with some potted or hanging baskets, depending on the time of year you are listing.
Third, paint and new carpet are always a plus and usually cost sellers less than $5000 depending on the homes size. If your home needs paint and new carpets, buyers tend to take $10-$15,000 off the price. So it is really less expensive for you to just do these two things up front. If your carpet is in pretty good condition, then a professional cleaning might be enough to make it look new again. You also may need a little touch up on the outside of your home. Depending on the last time it was painted you may want to get a fresh coat on. 1daac7ffe63f280b435faffca5cb6cb4
Fourth, Stage it!. You can use your own furniture, hire a professional, or borrow some pieces from a friend. This doesn’t have to cost you anything, it just takes a little time to get the pieces in the
right spot to highlight the room. Remember it’s not about what you like, it’s about the best way to highlight the room for a buyer to see the potential space.
c24fafd24d1e64eea00a2ac1f41fd77eFifth – Bake something every day or light some lightly scented candles. You may not be able to smell your home’s scent, but someone else may pick up on something you don’t. If you cook fish or seafood, make sure to open windows and deodorize. These smells can stick around for days.
Sixth, be willing to walk out of the door at the drop of a hat. Most agents will call ahead, but you don’t want to miss the buyer that was just driving by. Your home should always be within 15min of being ready for a showing.
We sold our last house to a couple who was sitting outside staring at it while we were eating dinner. We cleaned up right quick invited them and their agent in and took a walk. We had a contract with them that night.

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