Real Estate Video tip 7 of 7

7. Round Up the Roamers: Capture Your Mobile Audience

According to The International Telecommunication Union, there are 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide.As this number continues to grow, the potential for reaching this demographic expands. Pushing content out to mobile devices broadens the range of customers a company is able to reach.

But, mobile can stink too. Well, not being able to watch content on it can. Seeing an HD video on a tablet or smartphone is pretty awesome. But it can stink when you are the one responsible for getting it there. Why? Because all of these devices seem to require something different. Want to get to the iPad? Well that’s different than delivering to Windows-powered Nokia phones and different than delivering to older Android devices in India.

Even if you become the master of mobile video, you’ll soon realize that there are other complexities, which will make you want to tear your hair out. Like managing individual URLs for each video format and device. Look for a way to enable mobile viewing via a single URL.

Your ability to automate time-consuming processes like transcoding, formatting, and delivering to different devices is more than a headache-prevention strategy. It’s a wise investment decision that lets you redirect attention to the engagement-boosting, audience-pleasing, brand-supercharging tasks that drive results.

Last Thoughts

Whether they show how your products work, entertain the world, or prove how much everyone loves your company, videos infuse your digital story with the energy it needs to keep above the noise.

For yesterday’s digital storyteller, using video was bringing out the big guns. For today’s, it’s an expected part of any good story. How does your video story stack up? Will it lead to skyrocketing customer acquisition rates and truly help your business take off?


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