Real Estate Tip 6 of 7

6. It’s 12am; Do You Know What Your Customers Are Watching? Capture Key Analytics

The best video publishers learn from audience behaviors and refine their content accordingly. They insert ads and promotional copy at just the right moment to maximize engagement. They capture the data on video views to determine which video clips are the most engaging, and which products and demos are most interesting to customers.

Data analysis includes not just how many hits each video receives, but also how long viewers stick with each video, where they drop off, and which types of content—educational videos versus product introduction videos—perform best. This data can be compiled directly from your video player, and from integrated application acceleration technology that monitors network conditions and dynamically delivers the highest quality playback experience.

Understanding the effectiveness of website video is critical for ongoing content development, but beyond that, viewer engagement data is valuable for defining and segmenting customer audiences. That, in turn, helps with everything from marketing and sales efforts to product development strategy.

By optimizing video content and delivery, you can expand your company’s reach and increase customer and partner satisfaction. These lessons can be applied across the Web for businesses looking to improve site engagement and drive marketing success.

Oh, and by the way, what are some of the numbers for video? How about a 400% increase in viewer engagement

1; a tenfold increase in click-throughs2; a 100% improvement in visitor retention3; and a whopping 560% increase in site visitation rates4. Not bad, huh?


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