Real Estate video tip 4 of 7

So we have gone over 4 tips, to recape those are

1. Educate, Entertain, and Inform Before You Sell

2. Context and Content: Short Versus Long-Form Video

3. Tag it, Tag it, and Tag it: Make the Most of Your Metadata

4. Share and Share Alike: Pay Attention to Your URLs

“Shareability” is one of video’s biggest strengths. Give each video clip its own specific URL so that links lead directly to video playback, and not to a page where users have to search for the video they want. These individual URLs also improve SEO by creating more links back to your website.

Secondly, offer readily identifiable buttons to share each video via email, link, embed code, Facebook, and Twitter. Through these integrations, you are encouraging your visitors not only to make one-time use of your video content, but also to spread the information about your videos with others.

Tip 5 coming soon……


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