Real Estate Video tip 3 of 7…

So that last two tips have gotten us started with

1.Educate, Entertain, and Inform Before You Sell

2.Context and Content: Short Versus Long-Form Video

3. Tag it, Tag it, and Tag it: Make the Most of Your Metadata

The success of online video is due in large part to effective organization. Create custom tags for each of your video clips highlighting the educational aspect and the product if one is featured. Visitors can browse your video library or pull up playlists of instructional videos using a keyword search. Keywords help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well, adding information about videos that can be picked up when search engines crawl the web. This approach will allow your website visitors to find the educational content that best meets their specific needs. Use this educational outreach in conjunction with strong calls to action, and you’ll be directing viewers towards the products and services that will help them achieve their objectives.

Metadata tags also allow you to suggest content that is relevant to a particular video segment. You can include information about any product featured with each clip, but also offer recommendations for further exploration through topic-specific tags.

Still 4 more tips to come….

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