Marketing with video tip 2 of 7

How many of you implemented the tips from the first artical?

Now it’s time for tip 2….

2. Context and Content: Short Versus Long-Form Video

The average user spends more than 21 hours per month (up 47 percent from 2012) watching more than 200 content videos (up 20 percent from 2012). Americans’ growing interest in long-form video content is evident from the fact that the average length of an online content video is now a full 5.6 minutes (comScore Video Metrix®; March 2013 U.S. Online Video Rankings).

The Web supports both short-form video in the page and long-form video that can be viewed as a full-screen, broadcast-quality experience. The market is moving more toward catering to the digital generation’s attention span—quick videos that are aimed to inspire, provoke, or excite. Short-form videos are here to stay and can lay the foundation for long-form content. So think about your strategy now.

When it comes to deploying video clips, it’s important to create context. Video clips work better when there is some frame of reference for the video on the page.

You can create context in many ways:

  • Integrate the video into an article about the same topic.
  • Publish the video and brief accompanying text on a blog.
  • Put the video on pages that include descriptive content.
  • Link to the video from pages with other related content.
  • Allow comments and ratings so users can create their own context about the video.

Are you getting something new? Stay tuned for tip 3…..


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