KW email goes to Gmail!!

Have you noticed that your KW mail is not coming to you like it used to, or that you can not sign in to and check email anymore. If you have not noticed and you use your email you will now.

We have added a new piece to our every growing technology. GOOGLE!!  Your kw email is not connected to a gmail account. What do you have to do to set this up you say? Just go to gmail and sign in using your kw email address and password.

If you currently have a gmail account you can connect the two, so when you are signed into one you will be signed into the other.  Simply go to your gmail account click on your picture in the top right hand corner and say add account. Type in your kw. com email and password and BAM! they are now connected.

If you want more information you can check out Kw ask

There are also KW connect video’s that will let you know all about the 4 new google apps for business that we have been provided.  (you must be signed into for this link to work.)

This is supper exciting news for all agents as it is just one more way to stay connected with your fellow agents and clients.

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