New Logo has been released

So have you seen it?!?! The new logo that is.  Keller williams has updated there logo for 2014! It is the 30 year anniversary of KW and they needed a new look. The logo was released at our convention back in February, but was offically changed and released this lst month. So start moving forward with adding it to you advertising pieces, websites, social media site and more.KellerWilliams_Prim_Logo_GRY

Are you interested in learning more about KW’s new logo’s or downloading them so you can add them to your print pieces and more, just sign into your intranet, and click on the photo for new logos on your home screen.  That will take you right to the page with all the new logo’s for web and print, you can choose from 8 different sizes.

The new logo’s have been uploaded to our eEdge image gallery so we can use them on our front page. You can aslo order all your new and cool gear with the new logo’s too.

I will have to say that I really like the new look and feel of the new logo. I also like that they added in the gray to soften up the black, red and white.KellerWilliams_Prim_Logo_RGB


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