Many Changes in the last few months to eEdge-new mobile app!!

It’s been a while between posts. I have been working pretty exclusively for a team in Burien. It has been great and challenging, but I will say I miss blogging about KW Technology and teaching classes in the market centers around the area.

Over the past few month some great changes have come to the eEdge system.

First we got our KW App released. If you have not downloaded one, do it today! Everyone has a code that will connect the app to you and your wolfnet back office.  Where is this you ask, well follow these few steps and you can get your code.

1. Log in to

2. click on the small plus sign next to myMarketing and scroll all the way down to manage my eAgentC site.

3 click on 4.0

4. scroll down to 4.5

You will find a URL link that you can share with your client, friends and family, a text code you can send out and then the code that you can just plug into the app that will connect it to you.

If you don’t like the way your name appears once you have the code plugged in to the app, you can change this.

Simply go back into the eAgentC back office and click on 1.0, and then 1.2 edit contact info, and change Agent Display name.

I hope this helps, soon we will be getting a new google add on too!! I am in witht he demo group for this amazing new addition.

Stay tuned.

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