Roll out on new eEdge Features Complete.

When you log into your eEdge site today you will notice that a few things are in a different place and some new items have been added.  Remember these are websites built by agents for agents and your requests are being considered and worked into the site as quickly as they can.  Here are all the changes you will see….

Feature Enhancements

· J.D. Power and Associates award announcement added to all US eEdge and Market Leader Pro consumer websites (US only)

· Marketing collateral segmented according to the KW database status for Commercial, Luxury and GPS membership.

· Social Media link expansion

o   Users are now able to add more than TWO social media links that are automatically included on marketing email.  Previously, only 2 links could be setup from these four types: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog.

o   New Social media types include the following types: ActiveRain, Blogger, Google+, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, reddit, other blog, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube

· Ability to insert images into emails

o   The email compose forms (one-off email and marketing email) can now support adding an image into the email body. Now, using the Image Insert icon, a user can upload an image to his/her File Manager and select to include it in the email.

· Column selector added to all grids

o   Users can now select which columns he/she would like displayed for the grids throughout the system.  This will help for users with smaller screens to see only the information he/she are interested in.

· New Contact field: Category

o   A new free-form text field is added to the Contact Detail record that allows a user to track information about the contact.  This information is also now searchable in Advanced Search.

· Advanced Search Enhancements

o   New search criteria: Category and Source

§  Source field auto-completes to search based on existing Source types

o   Search labels were moved to literal text instead of hint text within the field so that the labels didn’t “disappear” leaving the field unidentifiable.

o   Search by Campaign membership is added to the KW Leadership product

· New email compose form for emailing marketing materials

o   New look and feel to better match the rest of the system.

o   The contact selector is now the same as the Campaign contact selector with updated usability and contact filtering

· Now the default value of the Contact Status when importing contacts from Lead to Active

· Marketing materials preview pop-up anchored with the users current position on the page instead a set place on the page.

· The KWLS associate ID for agents is now included automatically in the Agent MLS ID field when an account is created.  This applies only to accounts provisioned after the release.

· Recently Active shortcut added back to Contacts menu.  This was removed from the menu in a prior release and we are simply adding it back.

· Updated sorting functionality on Contacts grid for View, Save, and Source


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