#eEdge – Did You Know…?

This is some really exciting news for KW agents!!

eEdge - Did You Know...?

In this edition: New Mobile Apps and shortcuts to success DotLoop & myTransactions

myMobile App!

Leave it to Keller Williams to be the first in something… again!

As many have heard, coming in January 2013, myMobile Apps are launching! That’s right! Every KW agent will have their OWN personalized mobile app that can be downloaded for their customers to use. It ensures that YOUR leads go to YOUR database (sound familiar?). Visit myMobile App to learn more. Apps will be available for the Apple iPhone and Google Android.

DotLoop and myTransactions

Did you know that your clients and co-op agents that you work with can get a FREE account with DotLoop? You even have access to a Client & Co-op Agent Guide (available for download on myKW.kw.com). PLUS, you can create quick access to the forms you use most with every transaction. You can also add your own forms via…

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