Facebook Fridays…

facebook business pages, with on the edge solutions.So it was brought to the office’s attention that others out there are already doing this thing called Facebook Fridays, and what a GREAT idea to help boast your friends and other agents on search engines.

I know I hear it all the time, the big questions.  HOW DO I GET FOUND?  How do others find me?  Well Facebook Fridays can help with this ALOT!!

We all want to be found first if we have a service to offer and really the more people who see you the more people who will click on you.

So why not take a 10-15 time block and help your fellow agents, and vendors out so in-turn they will help you out.

So this is how it works, you check into your Facebook business page or personal page and LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE on others posts.  If you find something particularly interesting,  share it on your other social sites too. Like Google+, Likedin or Twitter.

This way in return your fellow agents, vendors and friends will share, like and comment on your content.  You may even find yourself in a blog or two.

Why should we do this and how will it help you ask?   Well Google, Yahoo and Bing are finding our content on Facebook and other social media sites.  So if they find that your content is getting a lot of attention there, it will pull it over to the search engine so it is more easily found.  How cool is that!!!

You can Post your listings, great tips, articles and pictures.  That way you are not spending hours trying to figure out how you can boast your SEO,  let your friends and family and other agents help with this in an enviroment you are all already in.

Be careful that you are posting your content on the appropriate pages.  If it is business you need to have a business page to post your listings, solds, and inventory.  This doesn’t mean you can’t share other people’s business on your personal page or visa versa.  This just means Facebook would like it if you didn’t promote yourself on a personal page.  You want to make sure that you don’t get flagged by Facebook for breaking the rules.

So take the time this week and get on your social media sites with a purpose!!!  Support others and others will Support you.   On that note this is a great start to getting a referral network started too.


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