Beth Torrence will be HERE July 10th

I know all you KW agents probably got an email on this event.   You looked at it then deleted it.  Well fish it out and take another look!!   Beth Torrence is an awesome instructor for KWU.  Beth is a couch, Team Leader, and agent.  She uses technology in her everyday business and just finished with a country tour of Ambassador Train the Trainer program.  She is going to go over eEdge for the beginner and the advances.  Plus this is a great opportunity to hear each others successes and frustrations.

This event is going to be held at the Hilton Seattle in Seatac.  She wants us there at 8:30am.  There will be beverage, but you will need to pack your own snacks and lunch.  the event will be the whole day, getting us out of there just in time for rush hour traffic. LOL.

eEdge for Agents will go over how to expand your web presence (who couldn’t use that?), attract and capture more leads, bring order to your database, automate your marketing tasks, conduct paperless transactions, generate referral leads.  If you have mastered all of these, come and share how you succeeded.  Agents are always looking for those success stories.

Any event Beth is at her in the Northwest I  make the time to go.  She really has a finesse with teaching.  She makes it easy to understand and has the patience for everyone.  Beth also knows how to keep a class on track so we don’t get derailed and are able to get through all the curriculum in the time that we have.

Creating custom websites for your businessSo if you were thinking about this event, but just didn’t know if it would fit in your schedule, make it FIT!! It will be so worth your time and it is a great time to really find out how everyone is using their eEdge system, what is working and what isn’t?

Oh, don’t forget to bring your laptops.  We will have free wi-fi and time to do stuff to our database and sites right there on the spot.  How nice will that be?  Who of you would get more done if you had the time to implement when you learned.  This is a great thing for agents.

I know I really look forward to meeting you all at this great event.  I will also be attending the one on Thursday with my Team Leader Pam Ranch.  I am super excited to start taking my business to the next level.

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