New to eEdge-Last nights updates for you easy search.

Creating custom websites for your businessSo we have some great new features that were added to eEdge last night.  If you have not been in to see them you should check it out!  This is the email you all should have gotten today from market leader explaining the changes.

  • New Seller Tool: Single property websites Create a single property website for each of your listings, complete with photos and property details. You’ll “wow” your listing clients and impress potential buyers. Watch the tutorial.
  • Increase your reach by adding contacts to your Market Insider eNewsletter Sign up your contacts for the monthly Market Report Email. You’ll drive engagement by giving your contacts direct access to Market Insider tools on your website. Watch the tutorial. Don’t miss these significant eEdge enhancements:
  • Identify contacts as agents, renters, investors, or vendors by choosing one of our new contact types. Use your database for all your contacts and keep everyone in one central location.
  • Easily find groups of contacts based on average price range, where they’re looking to buy, the date of their last activity, and more. Effectively track more information about your sellers’ homes that will help you to generate more listings and sell more homes. Manually create contacts with just a street address or telephone number. Market with direct mail or keep in touch by phone even when you don’t have an email address. Improve your productivity with enhanced bulk actions for contact grouping and deletion. Thank you for partnering with Market Leader to grow your business!

Best Success,

The Market Leader Team

Also Want to hear from the office and agents in the nw region that are using my transaction.  We here at Keller Williams Puget Sound are starting our training soon to get our agents on board and trained to use the complete lead to close eEdge system as it was ment to be.

I look forward in helping my office with this transition.  We will be holding trainings everyweek starting in Augest to get our agents familier with the product and how it works.  Then we will start having the agent the system for the paperless dot loop easy life.

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