Auto updated “This Month in Real Estate”

Creating custom websites for your businessI love the great agents and tech people with Keller Williams Real Estate.  Everyone really seems like they are here to share and help others grow their business.

One part of all of our business that we have been working on this last year is updating our eEdge sites so that they stand apart from others.  I have created a whole business were I edit and change eEdge, eAgentC, Facebook, twitter, and WordPress to meet the needs of my fellow agents, buyers and sellers.  (here are a list of ones I have completed eAgentC customized websites with on the edge solutions

In my journey of creating I have run across other agents who do this same thing and I love that they share their knowledge with the rest of us so that I in turn can reach other with the information.

How many of you have This Month in Real Estate on your eEdge or eAgentC website?  How many remember to go back and update it every month with the new code?

Thank you to KWRI and Micheal Tritthart they come up with the code that auto update.  So what does that mean for you?  You can add the new code to your site and then you will have the new video every month.  I just added to my own eEdge and eAgentC site today, so I will of course check back in a week and see if July just pops up.

Here is where you can go and get the code.

Micheal has so graciously put the code for english in the US, Spanish and for our Canadian agents.  Micheal is a great source for what is new and happening in the tech world for KW.  I read his articles and posts for you and reach out with some of the important stuff.

This is a piece I was super excited about.  So if I have created a site for you I will be calling to add this link for you.  YEAH!!

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