Translate your website or Blog into 58 different languages….

So I have been working on websites, Facebook pages and Blogs for other agent for the past several months.  I get a lot of requests for different items to be placed on websites.  So I have to do a lot of research to find the best or the one that works for the website/blog page I want to attach it too.

Recently I have had a few agents ask for a blog widget to translate their blogs into other languages.  So first I searched for plug-ins for WordPress, which I found out you really have to have a .org site to get this plug-in into work.  I will be honest, I haven’t gotten around to moving into a .org site yet. I have updated a few and I really like the .com site for what I use the blog for.  I know there are extra features like video and such, but I have found way for others to get to video just the same.   In my search I have tried a few other things I read in the WordPress forums, but didn’t find anything that worked how I need it too.  UNTIL NOW

In my research this week, I found a great FREE translator button that you can all use on your WordPress site, your KW eEdge site , your KW eAgentC site or any other website you have I guess.  Just copy and paste the code below changing the purple part to your website url.  Just the name, NO http://www.  and the .com is already there for you.  When you copy this take out the // in front and at the end so that the code will work.

//<a id=”ftwtranslation_button” href=”;tl=es&amp;”><img src=”//” alt=”Website” /></a>//


I did notice that if you added this widget at the bottom of the eEdge website page that it wouldn’t work, so I would suggest you add it to the top.  It will translate you website into one of 58 different languages.  I awesome is that?  I have added to my blog, and a few other websites for clients this weekend.  Hopefully they will get some use out of it.  So now that you the tool go implement it.

Go translate!!  Let me know if you have any glitches or need any help with this.  Glad I could share!

6 thoughts on “Translate your website or Blog into 58 different languages….

  1. I have tried the source code on my eAgentC and eEdge site and instead of the translation icon there is a “button” with the word website and an x in it that appears. Suggestions? I did exchange my website name without the www for the purple yourwebsitehere.

    • Amanda R Smith says:

      Did you add http://www? I forgot to say you just need the name of your website, NO http://www. Let me know if that was the problem. Thank you for your quesiotion.

    • Amanda R Smith says:

      Sorry Sherrie That it took me so long to respond, But I hope you got this working. I don’t know why, you may have some lingeriing code that is conflicting it. I would have to see it to figure it out. Agian I hope you got this working.

  2. Lisa Green says:

    I absolutely love the widget that can translate blogs into unique different languages! 🙂

  3. sharrison64 says:

    HI Amanda have treid to cut and paste the link into my blog.
    used the links page in the post but it is not working ?

    this is what i have been trying to paste, is it correct?

    am i putting it in the right place?

    • Amanda R Smith says:

      Try this code, I will update the blog too. Take out the // before and after the code and remember to add your website were is says too. NO http://www. and the .com is already there. Just your website name.

      Let me know if this works beter.

      //Website //

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