Next week it will come to eEDGE!!!

Ok , so there has been so much hype about the new My Marketing that I had all the air let out of my bubble this week when they didn’t release it.  😦  Super Sad face.

Market Leader announced the New release date as APRIL 5th.  So if you are Keller Williams agent BE READY!!

However, I went back and watched the Video again (must be KW to sign in) I suggest you take 45 min. and so the same.  That way it will seem much easier once we get into it and start setting the campaigns up.

WOW it really is going to bring us up another notch.  If you have been waiting for game changer to get your eEdge set up this is IT!

Keller Williams Real Estate and Market Leader have really put the agents wants and need into these new pieces of marketing.

eEdge video 8x8, part of the new My Marketing for Keller williamsIf you are an eEdge user you will have access to 400+ pieces of 100% editable marketing.

If you are a Pro-eEdge user or RG you will access to over 4,000 pieces of 100% customizable marketing.

You will also have access to over 50 pre-difined campaigns and MORE.

Along with the easy one click access to the marketing you will be one click away from Print or Email.  You can load in you listing to a campaign in one easy click too.

We will really be able to show our client and potential client we are the community experts by updating our community pages with links, pictures and VIDEO.  How Awesome is that.

If you are in top producer or red tools, now is the time to move you self into eEdge and learn it.  It will change your business.

2 thoughts on “Next week it will come to eEDGE!!!

  1. I really want to excel at E-Edge but my Market Center training hasn’t helped, can you suggest the best training for me.
    I also have TP and am pretty tech savvy.

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