Do you use Shortstack for Facebook..?..

So I am a shortstack fan on facebook,  this is the program I use to create my new tabs or now know as apps.  I currently have several apps on my business page.  These apps are customizable for what ever content you want to share with your audience.  You can post video, blog  feeds, contests, and so much more.

I build business pages like Gini Anderson’s (she still hasn’t updated to timeline)  for agents and other business‘s like Aimee and Darlene Zumba with shortstack.  I have had lots of success and it’s super easy to use.

I really enjoy creating these pages for others so they can really use facebook for creating business.

If you would like to learn more about how shortstack works on facebook, CLICK FOR VIDEOFacebook timelines shortstack style


If you are interested in a custom business page you can contact me and we can talk about the look and feel you want.


If you have an app or program that you use for your new apps I would love to hear about it.


Have fun Creating.


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