Zumba with Aimee and Darlene anyone?

Zumba with Aimee and DarleneOk, so just going off the board here for a post.  I know I usually am talking tech and eEdge, but today I had an new opportunity. Just got my awesome cool and talented friends up and running with a new BLOG and some extra pages on their Facebook.  If you are interest in doing Zumba in the Puyallup area, you can find them at the YMCA and you can see them at Studio 138.

Aimee and Darlene are some of the hardest working zumba instructors I know.  They really go all out every week with new routine and music for the class, shimmy skirts to go around, lights and a ton of energy!!  Both have a great talent for teaching and always have great encouragement for students in the class.

on Facebook they offer ….

 FREE class at studio 138.

Zumba Party     SIGN UP

Upcoming zumba events

Helpful Links

Video Demos

BLOG  (right on their Facebook page)

Testimonials   you can write one or read the ones that have been written.

If you like what you see, I can do this for your business too.  Contact me.

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