Time Lines are here for business pages

I have mine up and running already how about you?  If you haven’t noticed your business page is now in the Timeline view.  I am not sure I like this better than the other view.  I think people are going to have a hard time finding our other pages for a awhile and that kind of stresses me out.  I have built several pages not only for my business page but for others also, now these pages are almost hidden.  Anyone out there have a better way of connecting you pages so that they are better seen?  I will work on this and let you know if I come up with anything.

Facebook Business page ont the Edge solutions with Amanda R Smith

In the mean time you can use a picture to Brand your business better.  As I have  on the left.  I have seen some really awesome orignal Facebook pictures on the Fan pages and I am looking forward to seeing how creative people do with these new slots for their business.

I know short stack has put out a webinar to go over some changes they have made to their page add-ons to make them friendly with this new lay out.  check it out so you can adjust your page width to fit better too.

I still have to go back and adjust mine, that will happen sometime this week.

Good luck with these new business pages and please share your creative picture upload, I would love to see them.



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