New and improved eEdge on it’s way

ImageFamily Reunion with Keller Williams was Awesome again this year.  I learned some great strategies for teaching and making my classes a little more fun and I also picked up some new tricks.

Most of my classes were tech and eEdge classes so that I can be your other source for new info and how to’s.  I will be getting up some easy to follow video’s soon.

I know a lot of you are waiting to get signed up or even take a class to learn about your eEdge because you think it won’t do what you need.

Well let me tell you it will!!  The eEdge system will do a ton of things and Market Leader is going to make it even easier in late March when they introduce the WYSIWYG.  What? you say.  That’s right, it’s called “what you see is what you get” editing.

This will be part of the new My Marketing and will be fully integrated into the website, so that community pages will be able to be edited and you profile will have you social media link right there.

With the introduction of these additions it should make things a little more intuitive for those of you who are used to just clicking and moving to what you want.  Everything will be one click away with the new system.

Stay tuned for more updates and a preview of the new look.

Be sure to like this if you found the info helpful.  Also let me know what you want to know about.

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