Changes coming to eEdge………

Today’s webinar talked about the new and upcoming things happening to eEdge.

I am super excited about these changes.  They should really help the website with some of the clunkiness it seems to have.

One major change is going to be our new marketing.  Don’t get to worried they are not going to take away the old marketing for several months.  The new marketing that I got to get a glimpse of is AWESOME!!  We will be able to edit in the picture, add and change sizes and so much more.

With this new up grade we will also have storage space available to upload pictures and documents.  Videos are still not available with this new format, but you can upload a play button and link it to the video you desire it to go to.

The community pages which have tons of great information for our clients, will also have the ability to be edited.  We will be able to add our own pictures and more information including links to the area. (I see more work in my future)

There will be access through wolfnet on our eEdge dashboard to view customer behavior.  If you already use this feature on your eAgentC site then you will be excited to know that is will soon extend to the eEdge site too.

One thing I am really excited about is that the my profile is getting  a boast and we will now be able to add our social media sites and blogs that will show up at the bottom of our marketing!!

I will continue to offer easy tips and updates as they come.  I am going to be attending KW Family Reunion next week so I look forward to sharing all that I learn with you.

As your businesses grow so does mine!!

Just remember if you need help let me know.

PS. check out my funny video

Do you have questions about eEdge, eAgentC or your KW profile?


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