What’s new for KW agents this week….

More talk about the upcoming changes that will be made to MyMarketing in eEdge.  If you have not heard all ready we are moving from Imprev to Sharperagent.  I think in my last post that I talked about this I called it superagent. OPS.  They are telling  us that our 33 touch in Imprev will be extended to overlap the new marketing coming out by Sharperagent, that way it will be a seamless transition.

I am looking forward to all the good things about the new campaigns which we will get to see at Family Reunion.

Also we are getting an upgrade to our IDX on eAgentC.  WOW  that is going to be a huge +.  I will have to say that right now I am not impressed with the wolfnet IDX.  That could all change in the next month.  They are going to be rolling out these changes next week.  You may not see it right away in your area, but it will happen.  Some of these changes included area sold property search, open house search, free map tracks, lifestyle and more….

This will all happen automatically so if you have not activated your eAgentC  IDX you should do that now and check out the new layout.

OH yes they are also coming out with a mobile site too.  So you will know have two places that you can send your clients or a full service look at the market.

Until the next post, Have a great day and Stay on the Edge with me.


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