eEdge changes coming with Family Reunion…..

computer, eEdge, Marketing, technology,OK so there are pieces to eEdge that we have requested and a lot of you want to know what is happening!!  Well let me tell you what I know.

First a google Calender is being released at Family Reunion.  This means that if you already have a google account (if you have gmail you have google)  you can then have your current calendar connect to your new calendar and see all your business and personal appointments in one place.  YEAH!!  This should help you to organize all those apt, birthdays, anniversary, and closing dates so you don’t miss anything.

The second thing that is going to happen at family reunion is they are going to announce our new marketing service SharperAgent.  They will take the place of our current marketing server Imprev and we will have a whole new 33 touch 8×8 and the rest of it.  I am very excited to see what our new marketing will look like and what changes this will bring to our My Marketing portion of eEdge.

The third and last thing that I heard was going to be released for Beta testing (I will be among the group to test this) are Action Plans.  I know there are quite a few agents that do not want to stop paying for there current services because they love to use the Action Plan section.  Well that will all change for 2012.  eEdge is becoming more and more accommodating to agents everywhere.

Please stay tuned for more up and coming changes with eEdge.   I hope to see you all at Family Reunion!!


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