Facebook Business Page



It’ been a busy new year and I LOVE IT!!!!

I have been slowly meeting with new agents and agents that have been in the Real Estate business for many years helping create unique sites that match their personality and design.  I work only with website creations for KW agents as I have become very well versed in these set ups.

Today however I finished another Facebook Business page in Facebook.  CLICK to check it out.  Jennifer Stam, Dan Wingard and team work the Pierce and King county areas.  Last week I set up their eEdge website last week and they are already drawing in leads.  So this week it was time to get their business page in Facebook up and running.

I have only just completed my third Facebook business pages.  So it is pretty new to me.  I decided this was a great piece of marketing to add to your website after a marketing call I was on a few weeks back.  They were saying that 1 billion people were on Facebook as of Jan 2012.  That means 1 in 7 people have a Facebook account!!!  WOW!   What better place to help draw traffic to your website than your Facebook friends.  Please check out my  business page on Facebook also.

check out the links above and let me know what you think, I would love to get you feed back.


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