eEdge Tips for the day on uploading contacts

In our eEdge Class last week we are went over the most efficient way to upload your contacts into your database.

First task is to export them from the current data base you have them in.  DO NOT DELETE THEM!

Once you have them in an excel spread sheet, you need to put them into groups. When you are deciding on your groups, think in terms of  marketing.

example,  33 touch, buyers, sellers, referrals, best, platinum, gold, silver.

What ever works for you to remember who would be located in that group and what you are going to do to market to them.

Then go through your manage group tab on eEdge,  create groups according to how you would send them marketing.  You have 25 groups you can create.  Your contacts can be in multipule groups, but when you upload them into your system you are going to upload them to there main group.  Then after they are in your system you can go to each contact and add them to as many groups as you would like.

Now that you have the groups established,  organize your contacts in those groups.  Download the templete from eEdge import/export contact page.  Then make one page for each of these groups.

After your group excell sheets are created then you can start uploading them into your system.  If you are not up for the task, higher someone who can get it done (I am for hire).  Better to have it done then not.  Remember to upload in an inactive status.

Now your contacts are uploaded and grouped, you are ready for marketing.

Wasn’t that easy?

If you have tips on uploading, importing or exporting I would love to hear them.

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