Welcome to a New Year

The year has started  with a Bang!! My site saw over 2000 hits in December with 34 registers and picked up 2 buyers. So the first month of the year is looking good.  I have only been working on my own site for three months now.  I am so pleased with the growth I am making.

I am also working on becoming a Realty Generator Site manager for a few of the Market Centers in the area. So between the agent to agent referrals helping others get their eEdge sites, eAgentC sites, blogging, and Social Media up and running, my year is going to be my most successful yet. Not only will I be making my financial goals this year, but I am also going to be meeting my personal goals of spending time with my family and going on Vacation.

Family Reunion (kw convention) is coming in February and I am so excited to hear all of the new things that are coming down the line to help us enhance our eEdge and RG site.

Keep tabs on my blog, I am working on posting weekly tips and will soon be getting some helpful tips videos that should be easy to follow , up and running.

I would love hear your goals for the new year!  If you are an agent with Keller Williams, maybe I can be a part of you making those goals through eEdge.

It’s Going to be an amazing 2012!



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