Google Analytics for eEdge is now possible

So I was working on other ways to track my eEdge site and google analytics just made sense to me.  But since the site is already being tracked by google analytics my cut and paste method wasn’t working.

After becoming frustrated with it not working I took some time and did a little research then, I started reading post on eEdge mastermind/RG masterminds on Facebook and came across another agent (Nigel) who recreated the code and wrote a step by step blog to help us be able to better track our numbers called  pimp my eEdge.

Now I know if you have pro you get to see who is clicking and can track what ads they are coming in on, but having the analytics gets you just a little more detailed info and lets you know when they click and what part of the world is looking at your website.  It’s very cool.  With a quick how to understand google analytics guide it makes it pretty easy to understand the basics of it.

Come join us on Facebook or keep an eye on my blog to get weekly updates on what is going on with eEdge and how to make your website work for you.

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