Boys and Girls club Holiday Dinner

I just wanted to say that we at Keller Williams in the Federal Way  area gearing up for our 2nd Annuel Boys and Girls club holiday dinner.

We got together for the first time 2 years ago and decide that we wanted to do more than just volenteer once a year on our annual RED day.   We set up several events dates for us to come back and do little things for the boys and girls, such as end of the year ice cream party, beginnig of the year cookie decorating party, landscaping parties and more.

Last year we decided the kids needed something super special and pulled together and got meals and gift cards for them.  Some of these kids had never had a meal with real mashed potatoes or real turkey and ham.  It was one of those afternoons that really tugged on those heart strings.  After that night we decided this was going to be a yearly event that we were going to give the.

The office has some new agents this year and we are putting together not only the holiday meal but a santa photo and gift giving.  Our agents are so wonderful to put forth not only some hard earned cash but there time for these children.

We look forward to seeing the little smile and full bellies this thursday at the Federal Way boys and Girls club.


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