Here come Facebook Timelines

So Timelines for Facebook are finally on their way, if you have not already got yours up and running you may want to think about it.

Hyperarts has made some easy step by step instruction to getting some creative cover art up on it.

Some Tips on How to Create Your Cover Photo
First, click here  to check out this other page that has tons of cool examples of how you can make your cover art unique.

Once you’ve created your Cover Photo and Profile Photo, you just need to add them to your Timeline.

Make sure you post your time line so I can check out all the creative people who read this.

To creat your time line in just 5 min follow this link.

He lays it out in 10 easy to follow steps.  If you don’t want to take the time to do this just wait another month or so and it will roll out automatically.  I created mine so that I could be ahead of the game.

Don’t want to creat your own Facebook cover art, don’t be afraid to hire that out. Make it a show stopper and a conversational piece.


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