Dashboard updates, email changes and more Ad Opportunities.

If you were at the webinar today Monday November 21st for eEdge you heard about the new changes that have come down the pipeline.  If you have were not able to come to the webinar today please check into KWconnect and find the archived webinar.  They talked about 4 things that have changed and again told you were to go to plug in your ideas for how you would like to see the site work.

1.  The dashboard looks different.  The tabs from the left have now been moved to the top of your screen and have drop down menu’s. Nothing in the menu items have been changed.

2. The Help tab over on the left side (if you have eEdge or Pro addition) there is an updated manual that will help you set up your site and answer a lot of your questions.  You can download this too your desk top so that you can go back and reference it in the future.  It is 200 pages long so you may not want to print it out.  If you have RG you will have to log into your mykw.kw.com/eEdge and go to the Learn Box and click on eEdge Training 101.

3. The system has added the option for you to edit you’re welcome e-mail.  The Welcome e-mail is the one that goes out to the clients that register on your site.  This was the number one request that they received.

4. Last but not least they have added neighborhoods to your community search options.  So now you can not only search by city or zip code but you can search by specific neighborhood.  Not all of your neighborhoods will be in there just the highly sought out ones. 
(I am thinking this list may grow and change as requests for specific neighborhoods come through.)  This is a cool feature beacuse you are able to use these url’s to make ads to direct others to these spacific neighborhood pages.  (contact me to learn more about this)

How do you get your request heard?  First you can let your office eEdge ambassador know and they can log it in.  Or go to www.mykw.kw.com/eedge and under the Collaborate box you will see Make a feature request.  This is where you go to vote for the feature you would like to see/change ect…   It is very important for all the agents to take a few min and write down there likes and dislikes and put them in here.

If there is something about eEdge that you would like to know about or if you have any great tips let us know.

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