eEdge Website updates

If you are part of the KW family then you have seen that the eEdge site has made some changes.

A few of the changes are ones I have been hearing lots of request for and it now HERE.

First the Tabs from the left have now been moved to the top to make for more screen room.  Also the website can now be seen better on tablets and your smartphones.

Second – You can now edit your welcome email that goes out to new leads when they register on your site.  From your dashboard go to the  Admin tab drop down to E-mails, on left click welcome e-mail. 

The next thing is that in the Sellers Report it used to say that “x” amount of people have viewed this, that has now been changed to “many” .

You can find a short video on these changes by following this link  and logging in.

If there are other changes you would like to see eEdge have PLEASE don’t hesitate to go to your KW collaborate site  in the center of the page it says collaborate make a features request.  The more votes we have on a topic the faster it will be made.  If you don’t want to make the request yourself tell your ambassador about it and they will do it for you.  I will say that if more people do it the better the results vs one person making several requests.

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