Working hard to get a head

So I have spent the last week delving into a bunch of ways to boost my online presence and to help teach others to do the same. 

What have I learned you ask?  That I need more information(LOL) or help. 

There are so many options to put your self out there on the internet and draw people to your site, Facebook, twitter, ect… but what really brings people in, and keeps them there too look around? 

First they need something that is eye pleasing.  To get that I really need to learn some code or to convert code or that has a good price and can just write it for me.  I really don’t like to have to spend money before I make it so for now I am going to do my best to learn the basic to do it myself.  Then when I make money I will take some and make my site MORE.   I have been working slowly but surely on my business page on facebook.  This is were I will be sending people, first to get to know me, then so the can see my calls to action.

Second I must have a call to action.  A What?  Something that they want to click on to get something, that could be information or a free ticket, coffee or something else creative.  This is also easy to come by, but again I have to make it look pretty so people will want to click on it.  I saw a starbucks givaway, 10% of at lowes, ect..

Third and most important, people need to click on my links to get to were  I need them to  register so I can get the information I need from them to connect and then I can CONNECT. 

I hear people talk all the time about getting leads, but then they don’t do anything with them.  We as agents need to remember to cultivate these relationships just like any other.  We don’t always know the people coming to our site and they only know what they read about us.  So talk the time to connect.

Well to sum this up today there are some really amazing ways to bring people to my social media sites and then to my websites, but I must remember to follow-up and make them feel important once they are there so that I can make that connection.

I know this will not happen over night as it does not for the 100’s of other agents that are doing this.  We here at KW have some amazing tools we can use, my job is to figure out what I can do with them to generate the most busines. (I gave myself this job, maybe someday I can get paid for it LOL) no really).

I am always interested in your thoughts and opinions so feel free to share.

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