Wondering where your timeline is?

So I heard Facebook is getting another “face-lift” called timeline.  Where is it you ask?  Good questions.

Well I took a class last week that said that Facebook will be rolling this out later than expected.  It was said that it would be all in place by Oct 1st and whether you were ready or not the platform would change, but that is not the case.  Some have already changed to the timeline, you just can’t see it yet and everyone else is just waiting for it.

If you’re a little more techy like me and want to set up your Facebook timeline a head of schedule I can get you the quick 5 min instructions, but if you’re not ready you can register for it and when they roll it out you will be updated automatically.  Everyone will go to the new format as far as I know it’s just a matter of time.

I have set up my timeline, which I think is a little harder to follow and kind of brings me back to my space days.  But no one except me can see it until Facebook rolls it out to everyone. BUMMER

So the advantage of setting yours up early?  There is the fact  that you will be a little more savvy at using it, and if you want to do a little advertising there is now a space you can do that.  Otherwise just wait till it gets converted and have fun playing with it.

So what are you thoughts on Facebook platform change?  Do you think it was great the way it was?  Why do they think it need s a whole new look, some people just figured out how to use this one.

Some say it was because of the release of Google+, but let me just say I am sure this was in construction before google+ was released.  they would not have been able to make it so quickly, right?

Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Wondering where your timeline is?

  1. Alice Reed says:

    Wondering WHERE your timeline is?

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