How much of a Realtionship is too much with a Real Estate Agent?

So I was reading an article yesterday in INNman News that said that the “relationship” factor of Real Estate agents and there clients  is going to the wayside because of the ease of the internet. 

I believe that there are still a lot of agents out there that are completely running their business off of referrals and without those “friendships” they wouldn’t have a business.  Newer agents are bringing in a large amount of their business through the internet so these are new relationships and those new leads could just want to reach out to an agent, but not really want that agent to reach back out from them in a “friendly way”, but to keep it completely professional with no personal.

I know some clients that I have would love to know that I remember them 4 or 5 times a year with cards and phone calles, then other clients are just happy getting a few e-mails a year and just leave it at that.  If they need me they will contact me they have no desire to “Keep in touch”.

So tell me, what kind of relationship would you as a buyer or seller want with your Real Estate agent?

I guess my view on it is to be somewhere in between. I think if they are to distance it almost feels like a used car salesman, where they just want to get the job done and get paid, but if your overly friendly then I may feel like you’re trying to hard to be my “friend” and not really doing the “job” I have hired you to do (sell/buy a home).

With the internet being the easiest way to connect and contact people these days does that make it harder to creat these connection with people? 

What if we as Realtors start moving away from the “relationship” side of the business, will it change how you feel and how do you think that will affect their business?

How do you think it’s going to effect agents that are not willing to drop the “relationship” building process with the clients that just want you to do your job and not contact them for any other reason?

It will be very interesting to see where this goes in the future as people become more and more dependant on technology.


2 thoughts on “How much of a Realtionship is too much with a Real Estate Agent?

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