Social Media is HOT!!

Wow, It’s just so amazing how every time I turn around someone else has fallen into the social media “what now’s”.  It’s tough to decide what you should or shouldn’t do, and where to start. 

I have been working on my Social Media skills for a short  7 months and OH MY I have learned a lot, and I have not delved that deep.   I feel very lucky to have some very talented people to look up to such as Patrick Flynn ,Ben KinneyJay Papasan and many others.  They all make videos and have classes on what to do and how to apply it.  With out these few great influences in my life I would not have stumble upon how much I really enjoy social media. 

The biggest thing is consistency. 

It is not as easy as you think it would be to write something on a blog everyday, or every other day.  They say get a niche and write about that, But what if you don’t FEEL that day like writing about your niche.  Make another blog and write something else?  I say “as long as you’re doing something, that’s better than not doing anything at all”.  Just put it all somewhere and someone will end up reading it.  Right?  At the same time who is your audience?  Everyone has one and that is a great place to start.  If you don’t like you audience then write what you like and let the audience find you.

I like to write what I think people want to hear about that day.  If I notice a lot of my FB friends commenting on the weird weather, I might post a blog about why the summer has been so lame in WA.  Or if there is a big fuse about something in the news, I will research and blog about that.  I am still waiting for my huge following, but in the mean time I will try to post semi-interesting stuff and hope that it leads to conversation, which will lead to face to face and hopefully turn in to buyers and sellers.  Because let’s be realistic the reason we start all this social media stuff (besides spying on all the people we went to school with, LOL) is to promote us and our business or passion.

So Blog, tweet and facebook away!!

I think that social media has given me a great reason to play on my computer with meaning.   Now it’s just a matter of getting someone to notice.

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