Selling a Home During Economic Turmoil


Fox 5 News

MYFOXNY.COM – Lots of people are saying it is not the best time to sell a home. But just try telling that to the people who live at 25 Carriage Road in Roslyn, Long Island. The house was just listed.

Residential marketing specialist Betty Bouziotis of Laffey Fine Homes is convinced it will sell in 3 to 6 months, even with the housing market down and out and the wild ride on Wall Street.

Chris and Laurie Metaxas listed the 6-bedroom house just as many investors are losing their shirts. Chris says he is watching trends closely and making sure the house is ready for someone to just move in. But that doesn’t mean he’s not stressed out.

“I’m nervous what banks will do,” he says.

Betty Bouziotis says her secret is working harder than she has in 20 years in the business. She spends more time online and on the phone to promote her properties and find buyers.

Only time will tell what happens here and with the rest of the inventory on Long Island that is sitting and waiting for buyers.


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