Some great adds to make Google+ even BETTER!

 Took a great class Friday and learned some awesome things about Google+.   Now if you have heard about it but don’t  really know what it is that’s ok! I just came out like 2 weeks ago.

It does however all ready have over 10 thousand users.  The format is similar to Facebook.  I personally think that it is a little more user-friendly, especially if you are trying to connect with people on a business level.  They have a great feature which I have yet to use that will let you chat with several people at the same time.  What a way to save gas if you have a meeting.  you can all hope on and see each other share things and so forth.

Friday Inman and Chris Smith shares some other links to make google+ work better so I just wanted to share those with my readers.

Here they are.

If you would like an invite to come and explore Google+ with me just let me know.

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