Have You Seen Google+ yet?

So if you have not heard about this yet or did not read my last post, Facebook has competition. 


Right now it looks like mostly techy people are on google+.   I finally got an invitation from a friend, which seems to be the only way you can get in.  It took me about a week to find someone who was on it that could invite me in.   

I know, do we really need another social media platform?   YES!

 It is very similar to Facebook in its look, but seems to work better if you open in Chrom or firefox.   Google+ is just in the beginnings, I can’t say if it will catch on or even be around in a year. 

I found it easy to set up my profile (which pretty much loaded straight from Facebook) , but loading pictures took a long time and I had to do them one at a time even though they were all in the same album.

I do like how you can group your contacts, and I love that if I want to send a post out to just my coworkers they are the only ones who are going to see it.  So being able to choose who sees the post and who doesn’t in a click is nice.

You can make posts, but I haven’t seen where you can post to someone elses wall.  I was able to comment on another post.  I will continue to play around with this along with everyone else who is on it.  I have downloaded people into it, but not many people I know are in there right now, so I may have to find some geekier friends.

I will post more as I play with this new face in social media.


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