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The Web marketing world was still trying to get their hands around Google+ when Facebook promised that an ‘awesome’ announcement was coming this week. That announcement turned out to be about enhancements to group text chat and the highly anticipated Facebook video chat. The blog Inside Facebook described all of the new features and Business Insider did a walk through on getting started with the video chat feature.
The video chat drew a lot of attention. Google+’s Hangout version has been very well received, a possible killer app that will virally draw people to Google+. The Facebook version was described by GigaOm as a slimmed down Skype client that works as a browser plug-in. It does not currently support the group chat feature that was carefully designed into Hangouts. Webware took a look at how the two services compare under different calling scenarios.
Video chat as a native app within Facebook is a welcome enhancement and could soon allow calls from within Facebook to any phone in the world. Overall, however, the blogs were not impressed. Several members of the Ars Technica staff explained why it was less than ‘awesome’ and PC World called it a ‘yawn’.

So if you are out there and you have used Google+ and you have tried the new facebook enhancement, let me know what your thoughts are.  If you are part of Google+ I would love to know what you think of the system and if you are techy person or you just stumbled upon it.


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