Wash it! Paint it! Organize it!

Thursday May 12th was a GREAT day!!  It marked the 3rd annual RED day for Keller Williams around the world.  RED stands for Renew Energize Donate.  It is a day ment to be spent making the community a better place. Each year the office will picks a project in the community.  We at the Federal Way office decided to make The Boys and Girls Club our special project.  At Federal Way KW we started working with The Boys and Girls Club last year on RED day and will continue working with them in the future.

A group of agent set off to clean the roof and tend to the weeds. Inside people got started WALL WASHING!!    All the great people who came to help put their elbow grease into getting all the walls clean as can be.  The painter Mr. Mike from Ski’s Painting Inc. volunteered his time and effort to making a few of the walls a little more cheerful for the boys and girls.  Thank you Mike.  After that we scrubbed some floors just like cinderella and one of the biggest projects was completed by days end THE STORAGE ROOM.  We all  felt a great accomplishment when we walked out the door at 3 pm.

The walls were painted the floors clean and the landscaping is a little more cheerful.  All in all we hope the boys and girls felt the Love that we poured out of our heart on RED day to make their center a better place for them.

End of the day

Don’t worry kids we will be back in June with Ice Cream for you. 

It was another successful RED day and the year is looking up for all, we continue with serving the Federal Way Community and making it a little better with each home sold.

Not all agents who participated are in the pictures.


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