How are you cutting back?

MONEY!!  We all need it, we all want it, money pays for all the things in life we want and need.  In my house we decide we were done living to our means.  So we have been doing some cut backs, first we cut the cable, land line and internet.  It just felt like we were paying for way more than we were taking advantage of.  We have cell phones and a hot spot for internet which has been working great, and movies are free at the library.  Reading is always an option in the evenings too.  Expand the brain!!

In the spirit of saving we also downsized our vehicle.                                                      We were driving a SUV that got 15 miles to the gallon on average, now we have a car and get 31 miles to the gallon.  That is a huge saving with gas prices on the extreme rise again.

Spending time at home has always been important, so we have not had to cut back on activities, because the outing we go on are usually little or no cost.  We also are not big restaurant eaters, if you read my previous blogs you would know my husband does a majority of the cooking and it is AWESOME!

The economy has not seen a turn for the better yet, so what is your family doing to save money?  Do you find yourself eating at home more often?  Spending more time at home doing free activities?  I would like to hear the other things that I may be able to change to get ahead financially.  It has only taking me 10 years to decide we may need to watch our Bottom Line on a month to month base instead of  just hoping for things to become what we want them to be.

Thank you for reading.  What are you cost cutters?


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