Sunshine where are you?

Can you believe the weather we are having.  I know April showers bring may flowers but this is just too much to handle.  It was snowing in Enumclaw 2 days ago and I just say more pictures today on people’s Facebook pages were they had snow in their yards.  Now in the past I do remember getting a pretty healthy snow fall in March when I was growing up, but I don’t ever remember April!!  I thought the whole easter on a different day thing was the only thing I was going to have to guess about this year, apparently I am also going to have guess when spring is coming.  Anyone know??  I am hoping that my kids don’t get snowed on next week when they head our for their field trip.

Also this weather is keeping lots of people inside, which means all the buyers our there are not coming out to play.  Don’t let this crazy weather hold you back, it’s warm inside some of the houses.  Maybe not a lot, beings that a lot of them are all closed up because they are vacant, but some homes are nice and dry and warm.  Let me take you to those homes.

My kids keep asking me to take them for a day at the beach.  What? I tell them I don’t do cold beach days.  I don’t like the cold very much at all and soon as it warms up we will be all over those beaches.  Until then we just keep hoping the days will get warmer.  Oh have you put your winter cloths away like me.  I keep thinking if I just get my sunny day cloths out that it will bring warmer weather…no I just freeze my butt off. LOL. 

Enjoy the lovely rain and chilly winds.  

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