Have you Seen Kelley Farm?

Just have to brag a little about this beautiful piece of real estate in Bonney Lake.  I fell in love with this place when I first moved her 15 years ago and they have refurbished it since then.  It’s called Kelley Farm and it is owned by the Corliss family.  These are some of the first homes that were built in Bonney Lake in 1864, by William B Kelley.   Corliss bought the farm in 2003 and has restored 2 of the homes and the barn.  It’s one of the neatest places in Bonney Lake, for me at least.  I just love driving by.

Well this year they are going to be holding the Washington Renaissance Faire for the first time.  The last two years this fair has been hosted out at Maris Farm, which is not quite large enough to hold all there needs, so says an article in the courier-herald.

I am excited one, because I saw the article and have always been interested in going to this fair and never have made it because I always forget about it and two,  it is being held this year at a property that I am just smitten with.  To get a closer look at the new barn and the homes would be awesome!! Plus I have a great friend who is a photographer and I would love to get some pictures taken while we are there.

The Renaissance Faire will be held Aug 6-21, and some of the Corliss family will surely be there too.

For more information about the fair go to www.washingtonfair.com

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear what you have to say.

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