Park you must see!

Chambers Creek Park near TacomaSo I was looking thru the sunset magazine (thank you Joel Lundberg) and there were the top 18 places to welcome spring.  An awesome park in Tacoma made the list.  Chambers Creek park.  It has walking trails, grassy areas for flying a kite, playing catch or just running around.  The park is clean and very family friendly.  It’s very large so there is lots to look at.  You can stay on the path for some great views and picture opportunities.  The bridge is really cool looking over the train tracks,  or you can wander down to the beach.  My girls had a great time there, were they were able to hold tons of crabs and do some rock finding.  There was a cool pier to walk under, and some neat old buildings. Again some great picture opportunities.

All in all my family found it to be a great place to spend a few hours.  Next time I will be going with them to visit instead of staying home getting work done.  We plan on taking a picnic lunch and doing some walking about.  I also told my photographer about this place and I think we are going to take the girls there in a few weeks for a photo session.  Should be really beautiful.

So take a look at some local places to see and share them with us.

Thank you for reading and leave a comment.

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