No More Flips!

I’m not talking about house I’m talking No More Flip Video Cameras?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 That’s right, Cisco Systems is throwing in the towel on Flip Cameras.  They have decided because of declining sales they can no longer compete with the smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android were you can record and stream to your online social media instantly.

“After careful evaluation, We belive the best course of action is to shut down our Flip business,” Cisco spokeswoman Karen Tillman says. 

In 2009, Cisco purchased Flip from Pur Digital Technologies for 590 Million.  The Flip Camera was created just 2 year prior.  Its ease of use and the ability to connect straight to your computer made this product so popular,  competitors took notice and started to make their own.

Cisco will not be selling as some had thought.  “Unless there is some tax or accounting truck going on, someone needs to give it new life and save jobs,” analyst Greg Sterling says. “Flip is still a viable product.”  Source: “Cisco to Close Flip Video-Camera Business,” Gannett News Service (April 12, 2011)

Don’t worry about the systems being shut down yet, Cisco will continue to support the sharing of  flip videos online.

So tell me what are you using in your business to take videos.  I tried the flip and felt like the quality and the editing software were lacking a little for the home tour videos I was trying to creat.  I use my Nikon camera that has digital video availability and then I purchased software for editing.  I found this much easier myself.  Is the flip the one for you or do you have another that you think people should know about?  I have shot a few video’s for the site I am sitting in Fredrickson area at Timberhawk and I notice I need a wide lense to get a better view as I walk around, but have been over all happy with my current set up. 

Thank you for reading and leave a comment!!


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