Prawns anyone?

So it’s been quite the hectic week.  Been working on my buyer booklets, getting thank you card out from Rebecca’s birthday and learning some new internet marketing skills.  Ken has made some great dinners over the past week, just to share a few.

Saute’ prawns, risotto and brocoli was one.  Ken did an awesome job with that dish.  He also made a great chinese style dish with beef, rice and boc cho (cousin to brocoli).  Then he did a great goat cheese burger with fritos.  Which we were a little disappointed when we finished eating and discovered that we forgot to put the bacon on them.  Which really would have tasted great!!  Next time we won’t forget, because we are defiantly going to do those burgers again.

My oldest daughter got some great news this last week.  She is going to be in the highly capable program.  She will have to change school next year, but she is totally ok with that.  We are very proud of her and can’t wait to see what kind of exciting things she gets to do next year.  Her sister was excited to find out that she also got excepted into the school.  It will be nice for us to have them in the same school.

This week there are some big changes come to my job and Ken and I are planning a trip to New Orleans for the end of next month.  Can’t wait to get out of all the rain washington seems to want to drop upon us.  I am still waiting for spring to come to our door.

The market is picking up.  I am been sitting site at Timeberhawk out in Spanaway and we have had an increase in showing and made 3 deals.  One is supposed to close by the end of May!! YEAH.  It’s hard when we are trying to sell a great product that has a high quality builder and compete with the low prices the low quality builders are throwing out there.  Can’t you see the differences.  If not let a professional Real Estate agent help you. 

Thank you for reading I always love you comments.

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