Busy Week no Internet

So it’s been like 5 days since my last Post.  Crazy week and I totally was focused on planning my daughters birthday, changing my phone and internet to Verizon and going on an anniversary date with my husband. Not is that order.

So at the end of last week, I decided it was time to save a little money.  Called the cable company and said we are done please disconnect us.  So in the coming week we would be without Phone, Cable and Internet.  During that time, I went to the Verizon store, found out I could get a new iPhone 4 for $50 and than get at hot spot to cover my internet needs.  Everything was going smoothly until my hot spot decided not to charge.  I had my phone so it was covering all my basic needs.  With my busy schedule, I didn’t have the time to spend an hour at the Verizon store to get it replaced. So finally on Thursday I took the time to go to the sore and found out they didn’t even have one in stock for me they had to order from another store.  So I had to wait 3 days for that.  In the mean time…..

Went on an anniversary dinner with my hubby to El Gaucho in Tacoma.  This was our first time there and we had a great time.  The meal was spendy, but so GOOD!!  We both had a filet, risotto and crab cakes, then Ken got prawns.  This is when Ken surprised me with a trip in late May to New Orleans.  Our friends got a time share at an auction, so we just had to cover airfare and food.  I was totally shocked by this.  One that he was able to keep a secret till dinner and two he had all the details laid out, house sitter, kid sitter, and plane tickets.  I honestly would have been less surprised if he bought me jewelry.  LOL.

Then my youngest had a birthday to plan, we made 120 small cupcakes and planned our menu for Linner (that would be the meal thats between Lunch and Dinner) on party day.  She was more than happy to make it easy for us and go with no decoration for the extra cupcakes she got to consume.  We planned a taco bar to make the food part easy.  Family came consumed, gave gifts, ate cupcakes and left.  It was a great party and lots of great gifts. 

Now its Monday again.  Internet is up and running at home, back to work and ready for the week to come.  Cable is shut off and we are not renting movies and ready books.  OH the money we are saving.

Next post will be all the awesome meals made last week that I missed on posting.

Thank you for Ready, I always enjoy your comments.

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