Sunday in Seattle

GOOD MONDAY!!  Had a great busy weekend with the family.  We decided to take some time and have a family day out, after much debate about where we should go and what we should do, it was decided that we should take the girls to Pike Place Market, walk around Lake Union  and then lunch at Buca di Beppos.

We got to Seattle early and started our walk, the girls were in awe and a bunch of I want’s.  We let them know there were plenty of things to look at and lots of free samples.  They got to try different fruits, honey and cheeses.  After a stop at the donut shop they took a ride on the Bronze pig. Then we  headed out of the market and off to Lake Union. 

OK this park is so beautiful from a distance, but when you actually get closer and start walking it is covered in GOOSE POOP! It’s everywhere you can’t even walk on the grass because it is so covered.  I am not really sure what the designer of this park was thinking.  Again a beautiful view of the city and the water but you can’t really just walk around, you are constantly looking at were your about to step instead of enjoying the views.  We did get some great pictures though.  Then off to lunch.

If you have not experienced Buca di Beppo at least once you must go.  The decor alone will keep you entertained for an hour.  The people are super nice and the food is delicious.  We had stuffed shells, green beans, spaghetti with marinara and then cannoli’s for dessert.  After lunch we decided this was defiantly a trip we would want to repeat on a monthly base.  I have lived in NW WA all my life and defiantly can say I have not taken advantage of some of the great attraction in Seattle. 

After the awesome day in Seattle, I came home went to the gym for a work out then came home to Ken’s Beef w/gravy over Mashed potatoes, and brocoli.  I was so not ready to eat till the smells hit my noise.  He basically made stroganoff without the sour cream and then paired it with Mashed potatoes.  I totally wasn’t thinking the flavors were going to go together, but I was so wrong!  It was awesome!!

That was one of the best Family Sundays we have had in quite a awhile that wasn’t spent at home and I am hoping that we can repeat it at least once a month.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I love your feedback.


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